Sephora Sundays!

In the summer of 2017 I walked into a Sephora for the first time.

Let me be more clear…

Josh shoved me through the doors of a Sephora because my angels/guides had told me to go shop for new skin care.

I hadn’t worn makeup or really taken care of my skin in more years than I care to think, but my fully grown children where under five.

Growing up in Hollywood I was actually very fortunate to have had some very good makeup artists sort of take me under their wings on set and taught me a lot about makeup and each of them all stressed skin care. So I had spent most of my youth with very good ingrained skin care habits, but life, and marriage, and kids, and poverty… and so on. And here we were, my stepping into a makeup store for the first time since I was young, beautiful, and could get away with putting just about anything on my skin.

I was a nervous wreck.

I was also very blessed to fall into the hands of Natasha an esthetician and skin care specialist at Sephora Disney Springs. First, she helped calm me down by using some chakra oils, and by simply being very calm herself. Then she proceeded to give me a facial and recommend a handful of products to use at home to help with aging, redness, hydration, and the overall health of my skin.

The story of how that day started to change my life is something for my personal blog in the very near future, but what happened that day was that I began a love affair with Sephora and a renewed love of all things girly like hair, clothes, and makeup. I’ve discovered how friendly the staff at Sephora is, how they have answers for everything, and never make you feel stupid for not knowing something. They’re so friendly I just feel hugged every time I step inside the store. Natasha and I have developed such a strong bond that I go to her now for everything and that is a true blessing.

Disney Springs is so much more than Disney, it’s life, it’s living, hence D Springs Living. This site is here to be a connection point from Disney to life and so Sundays we’ll be doing a Sephora spotlight talking about skin care, makeup, hair products, or special events going on at the store. I’ll spotlight staff when I can and share photos and my personal experience as well.

I hope this series will bless you, especially those of you who may feel a little in the deep end when it comes to all these things. Namaste, beautiful.


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