Rockin The Springs – A Primer (cast)

Meet the cast! Here’s just a snippet of a few characters you’ll meet in Rockin the Springs. Written in their own words, get inside their heads before engaging with the rest of the world.

Rockin The Springs is the biggest undertaking in my entire writing career and I am super excited to start sharing it with you this year! There will be a lot to take in with this story, and as it will be serialized, people will be coming in at different points to the story. To keep y’all up to date we’ll be doing weekly recaps in our Facebook group and I’ll have a few “primer” articles linked on the site to help you familiarize yourself with the world and our characters. Below is the cast primer, so enjoy!





Sophia Kinsea:

Relationships Status – Single-ish… It’s complicated

Family – None to speak of… It’s complicated

Work – Uh… unemployed… self employed? …It’s complicated

Favorite color – Indigo

Favorite food – cold pasta… no, cheeseburgers and fries… oh, or burritos… maybe

Pets – Mirabelle (maltese mix)

Favorite Quote – “Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” Vivian Greene

Lives in Orlando, Florida


People describe me as sweet and vulnerable and savvy, but I don’t know. Honestly, I’m confused, scared, and second guessing everything which would be fine if I was sixteen instead of fortyI have spent my entire life doing one thing… books. I worked my way up from editor to vice president at a small publishing house and I loved my job. Two decades I was there and now… Eve St. Germain sold the company and moved back home to France because she got divorced. The people she sold it to only wanted a few of our titles, they took our authors and closed the doors leaving me unemployed and scrambling to keep control of my usual, neatly ordered, life and I didn’t do so good. I really don’t know what to do now. I’m living with Gabi and she’s been great, but I can’t freeload off her forever. I need to get this figured out.

Read more about Sophia in the first installment of Rockin the Springs.


Nicholai Valentino:

Relationships Status – In a relationship

Family – Mom, Jaquinda Valentino Dad, Rudy Valentino, Brother, Indy 

Work – Musician

Favorite color – Azure

Favorite food – Ropa Vieja

Pets – 

Favorite Quote – 

Lives in Wekiva Springs, Florida


I’m finally coming home!

I’ve spent the last two years in Thailand, and it’s been amazing, but I have to admit, I wasn’t able to enjoy it the way I had imagined. When I took the gig at a five star resort on the beach, it seemed like an incredible opportunity. I knew I was going t miss my daughter like crazy, but my mom and dad were on board and they love Cara and honestly provide her with so much more than I ever could. It was going to work… But then I met Celis.

She’s… everything?

I don’t know why I’m questioning that.

She’s everything.

I met her three months before I was supposed to leave and we somehow made this work long distance for two years. She’s gorgeous. And we share the same religious beliefs. And… I never thought someone as beautiful as she is would ever fall for me, but she calls me her soul mate. I’m coming home to give her the world. She stuck by me for two years. Now it’s time for me to give her everything she’s deserved. It’s time to take this to the next level.

Yeah, I once had bigger dreams, for my life, for my music… in truth, I feel like I’ve been looking for something all my life but I don’t ever seem to find it. My best friend, Diego, he keeps telling me to stop looking for more and see how much I already have, so maybe it’s time to put dreams on the shelf and settle into playing out at the Springs, get a house in the burbs… it’s a good life. I’ll make it work.




Relationships Status – I love whom I please

Family – I have deep ancestral bonds

Work – Lightworker 

Favorite color – Gold

Favorite food – Food is fuel, I don’t favor one type to another

Pets – I care for the ones no one else does and I have a cat named Moonlight

Favorite Quote – “I am here to serve. I am here to inspire. I am here to love. I am here to live my truth.” — Deepak Chopra

Lives in Windermere, Florida

My grandmother is a student and teacher of spiritual arts. She owns a little shop in the tunnels beneath Juerga at the Springs. She raised me. My parents were killed in Kosovo when I was just three, but no one should feel sad for me, they visit me regularly. I have many hidden gifts that I tends to keep to myself and people often underestimate me. For instance, I am a master in reiki and the Akashic records. I can peer into your soul and know everything important there is to know about you. Gives me great power, no?


Ryan Olcrest:

Relationships Status – Single

Family – mom

Work – photographer

Favorite color – all of them

Favorite food – falafel 

Pets – none, but I like birds and rabbits.

Favorite Quote – “Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees.” Rumi

Lives in Orlando, Florida

Life is hard sometimes. In truth, hard is all I’ve ever known. I was raised in poverty by a single mom who did everything she knew how to keep me safe and raise me right. Best laid plans though.

I’m doing all right these days, I’ve had some lucky breaks with my art and now I take care of her. I don’t have any siblings, but I imagine if I did, it’d be like how I am with Sophia. We’ve been through some crazy shit together. Not all of it pretty. But it’s life. I protect her. She’s got a beautiful heart and trusts too easily. She thinks she failed me, but she didn’t. I hope someday I’ll get her to accept that.



Gabriella Bronson:

Relationships Status – Single

Family – a mom, three sisters, a grandfather, aunt, uncle and way too many cousins to count.

Work – Mixologist

Favorite color – Amethyst

Favorite food – steak

Pets – nope

Favorite Quote – Put on your best boots and kick some ass. – Me

Lives in Orlando, Florida

I have a pretty good foothold going on life. I’m totally into fashion and makeup, hair, the works. I’m pretty smart, I seem to be able to make people smile and as my job is mixologist, that’s a good asset! I work at Juerga with Rudy and Mama Val, I love them as if they were my own parents. Honestly, I probably love them more. They gave me my dream job and I never want to be anywhere else.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to gel with a roommate, I come from a family that’s just a little too close if you ask me, I value my space! But Sophia was going to be kicked out, so of course I let her stay with me. I have to admit now, her and that little furball are pretty fun to live with.




Zane Miller:

Relationships Status – Single

Family – mom and a sister

Work – Musician

Favorite color – Grey

Favorite food – any

Pets – Roxy a black lab

Favorite Quote – I’m into song lyrics, so maybe Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Lives in Orlando, Florida

 I’m working it hard, writing songs, playing them anywhere anyone will let me, making connections and working my ass off to make it in this business. Orlando isn’t the hottest music scene in the country, but it’s small enough that you don’t get lost in it either. I’m surrounded by extraordinary talent, I’m only twenty seven, I’m determined to make it. I’ve had a few close moments, but nothing that has stuck. But I can’t fail this. I just can’t.



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