Oracle Readings

Oracle readings are personal touch points with the universe. It is a way to check in with that which you recognize as God. Whether you’re feeling lost or stressed about a particular situation or you are in need of deeper direction, an oracle reading can send you down the right path.

What you should know about me is that I am a twin flame and I grew up in the Christian faith so I bring these experiences delicately into the soul work that I do. I’m very good at seeing where people are stuck and how to move forward, but in my experience, it’s usually in letting go of something you don’t want to let go of, or in getting healing for deeper wounds. I can direct you to these things, but you’ll need to do the work.

In a reading, I will pull three cards and give you the card’s meaning as well as anything I channel from my guides, or yours. I always ask that you prayerfully consider anything you receive from a session because the point is for you to walk a true path for you, not for my read of the cards to be correct. I can only filter what I hear and see through what I know, so open dialogue is important in a session. I’m not invested in being right, I’m invested in helping you.

A reading can last anywhere up to one hour depending on how much ground you want to cover.

My readings are honest, sometimes blatantly so, and can be very intense. I prefer to do readings in Facebook chat so that you have a written record of everything we’ve covered to look back on because, believe me, there is always a LOT to look back on.

I also do readings by email as well. You’d tell me what you’re looking to uncover, I draw three cards and will write you as detailed a response as I can and send that to you via email.

  • Facebook Chat Reading $50
  • Email Reading $35.

 I only book readings within a three week window and they fill quickly. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. I take this work very seriously and I want you to be comfortable with me if we decide to move forward to a reading.

Payments will be arranged as PayPal transfers, after the session is booked, before the session time.