Is Your Inner Monologue Defeating You?

I am strong, confident, gifted, compassionate, intelligent, adventurous, and I never give up.

Here’s the secret though,  even the most outwardly positive person, even myself with all those strong words I listed above, has a running interior monologue working twice as hard to tear down what you are trying to build up. Unless you are aware

of it, confronting it on a regular basis, then you are trying to build a sand castle in the surf and will have about as much success.

I will tell you it becomes so much easier in time, but at first, changing your inner talk can be one of the hardest, more awkward things. If you master it though, you change your entire life.

So how do you know if you have a problem with your inner monologue?

Do you find yourself in social situations and for an hour afterwards you’re still going over what you said, thinking yourself insipid and wishing you’d sounded wittier, more interesting, less stupid?

Do you find you complete a task, something you feel instant pride in, then you spend the next month picking apart all the things you could have done better with it?

How are your relationships? Do you find yourself the go to for everyone else, but seldom find someone there for you when you need it?

I want you to become intimately aware of the conversation inside your head. For example, mine used to go something like this…

“I cannot believe I forgot bread at the store, you are such an idiot.”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe I said that *cringe* I’m so stupid.”

“I should have done so much better than that, why am I so pathetic?”

“Why do I always hit walls and end up right back where I started? What’s wrong with me?”

Yes, I had positive thoughts about me as well, but when your internal monologue is doing that, it doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself you are smart, pretty and good to know, deep down where it matters, you will believe yourself to be a stupid, pathetic, an idiot. Here’s the kicker, in truth, if your internal monologue is telling you these things, then you already believe them far more than you believe the positive things you are trying to incorporate into your life and that has to change.

There is no point in going to the farmers market and bringing home a bounty of fresh, organic, produce, and throwing it in the crisper with what’s rotting from last week. Yet we do that so often with our internal thoughts. We want to change our lives, we read a thing or two about positive thinking, or law of attraction, and we start telling ourselves positive things.

The problem is, the human mind is set up in such a way that it won’t let you lie to yourself. If you believe you’ll be taken advantage off if you have a great deal of money, and you don’t want to have that experience, then no matter how many times you affirm abundance in your life… cold hard cash isn’t coming.

If you believe that people will abandon you, then it doesn’t matter how often you pray for a soul mate, or affirm good relationships, you’ll still draw to you people that will leave for one reason or another.

That’s the real law of attraction. It brings you what you truly believe, not what you say you believe. To change our lives, we have to get to our root beliefs, and that internal monologue that’s running all the time will point out in beaming colors what you truly believe. So listen to it… then change it.

Our internal monologue is one of the strongest tools at our disposal only most people will never wrangle theirs into control and make it an asset. It will always be a rogue agent working against them. Don’t do this to yourself even one more day.

This is something totally under your control to change. It takes time, intention and persistence, but you are in total control over this.

Many of us will give this internal monologue a name, for me, it was always my mother’s voice I heard. For some it will be an ex, or a grandparent, teacher… the list can go on and on, but truth is, that person is not speaking into your head, you are. Maybe you couldn’t stop your mother from being queen of the back handed compliment or convince a boss or teacher that you had merit, but aren’t you lucky that convincing them or not, has nothing to do with your true worth, identity, or potential in this world?

Your worth, identity and potential rests solely in your capable hands alone.

I want you to take stock of the words running through your head in regards to yourself. What I want you to do for the next week, is become aware of the things

you are saying to yourself. If you need to make a connection to where they came

from, fine, but remember, you control them.

Next what I want you to do is put together a mantra, something along the lines of,

“I am a good, loving person who has great worth and unending gifts to give to this world.” Mantras, or affirmations, are the greatest tools because when you say them enough, they become your truth, they become your inner monologue. These are powerful things that are absolutely free, so use them!

Here’s the last tip I have for you. Find one thing you want to change in your life. For example, I’m working on money right now, particularly where food is concerned. I realized my attitude towards money was I’ll accept whatever I’m given and be grateful, which sounds like a good thing, but in truth, was limiting my life. So I’m tackling this with the mantra – God does not want me to starve, struggle, or suffer. It shocked me that I didn’t know this already. So now, every time I see myself making choices from a mindset of lack, I say that mantra and make my choice accordingly.

Find an area of change you want to tackle. Make yourself a mantra that supports the change. Then the next time you find yourself saying saying something that supports what you want gone, either internally or verbally, you say that mantra ten times. I’m not kidding. Ten Times. You are working against a LOT of momentum here, you do what you must to gain some solid ground. So ten times, at least!

You do this every time you find yourself speaking negatively about yourself. It may take weeks or months, but in time, not only will the negative stop, but those words of power, of blessing, that you are pouring over yourself will take root and manifest in a harvest of incredible blessings. You will become a new person. You will become who you are meant to be.

Joel Osteen says, enough people are already against you, why be against yourself?

Let today be the day you break free and start real, dynamic change in your life.

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